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Market Expansion Services


We enable companies to grow

DKSH helps companies to grow their business in new and existing markets. Our clients wish to sell products, and our customers look to buy or to resell clients’ products. We expand their access to knowledge, their sourcing base, their revenue opportunities, and their market shares. Providing business partners with a comprehensive package of services to reach their individual goals is what we call Market Expansion Services (MES) – a professional approach to effectively outsourcing specialized business functions.

A comprehensive package of services

We can provide anyone who wishes to grow their businesses in and with Asia with a comprehensive package of services tailored to their specific needs for any part of the value chain: from sourcing, research and analysis, marketing and sales to distribution and logistics and after-sales services. However, Market Expansion Services go beyond offering individual services. It is also, and to a very large extent, about the integration of many different services.

These services include: global sourcing, market research, feasibility studies, research and development, applications research and support, product development, product registration, regulatory compliance, importation, customs clearance, marketing, category management, merchandising, channel management, field marketing, sales, in-licensing, toll manufacturing, warehousing, co-packing, distribution, logistics (including third party logistics), order fulfillment, invoicing, cash collection, information processing, market feedback, KPI reporting, application engineering, installation and commissioning, customer service, after-sales services, repairs and maintenance, technical support, quality assurance and control, fairs, exhibitions, as well as seminars and training.

A true service philosophy

Our business is about more than the exchange and promotion of goods. It is about a service philosophy that takes profound responsibility for the goods and brands of our clients. It is about a proactive approach that provides strategic advice born of the experience, know-how and networks of specialists working for DKSH. It is about gathering data from our hundreds of thousands of customers and translating this into highly detailed and up-to-date market information.