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The DKSH brand

DKSH Our brand

One company, one brand – promising a common passion and multiple capabilities

In 2008, DKSH embarked on a global branding initiative with the aim of establishing DKSH as a strong global services brand for the entire group. In this process we have repositioned the company, we have given our business model a catchy and readily understood name and created a distinctive new business category, “Market Expansion Services”. This expression gets to the point what we do best: helping other companies and brands to grow their business in new or existing markets.

A brand is more than just a logo: It signifies content and values. The DKSH brand is a promise, to our clients and customers and to ourselves, pledging initiative every day anew, and will help us to achieve our goals. In driving our clients’ and customers’ businesses, our brand and leadership in our business category promise unparalleled expertise and capabilities on the performance level, and that we keep this promise with passion. Our whole organization lives and breathes our clients’ and customers’ businesses and is enthusiastic to maximize their success.

The fantree - symbolizing our business

The fantree has been our company's brand mark for over 100 years. It symbolizes our long heritage of truly belonging to the places where we do business. It also stands for DKSH’s unrelentingly enterprising spirit and the unique combination of versatility and adaptability that is at the heart of our company. The fan of leaves represents our many activities; the red color in the new logo may be taken as a reminder of our Swiss heritage; and the firmly rooted fantree as a whole symbolizes our deep connection with Asia.